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Back Pain Treatment from Your Blue Springs Chiropractor

As a top-ranked Blue Springs chiropractor, Tucker Chiropractic offers patient-centered, holistic treatment options for back pain, identifying the underlying cause of pain to relieve symptoms and prevent them from recurring.back pain treatment from your blue springs chiropractor

What causes back pain?

Lots of issues can cause or contribute to back pain, and depending on the cause and other factors, it’s not uncommon to have pain in one specific area of the back. The upper back and lower back and more flexible than the middle back, and it’s these two areas that tend to develop most painful symptoms.

Both lower back and upper back pain are often related to poor posture. People who spend a lot of time sitting hunched over a desk, computer or smartphone are more likely to develop an ache in their upper or lower back as well as radiating symptoms in the shoulders, neck, arms, legs, and buttocks as a result of excess and uneven pressure on the spine and nerves. Carrying an uneven or very heavy load, like a heavy briefcase or backpack, can have the same effect.

Repetitive movements like bending and lifting also contribute to pain and ache by causing the muscles and nerves around the spine to become strained or by gently pulling the vertebrae and discs out of alignment. And some people can be more prone to back pain, including athletes, older people, people who lead relatively sedentary lives, those with underlying back problems like scoliosis or arthritis, and people who are overweight or obese.

What symptoms are associated with back pain?

Because back pain often involves nerves and strained muscles, it can cause symptoms like ache and pain in the back itself as well as pain, numbness, and weakness radiating into the arms and legs. Upper back pain and injury are common causes of chronic headaches and persistent shoulder pain, while lower back injuries can cause sciatica, a painful condition that sends symptoms into the buttocks, legs and even into the knees and feet.

Back pain and its related symptoms like numbness, weakness, tingling and pins-and-needles sensations cause significant disability among both men and women each year, and even kids can be affected. It’s very important to have chiropractic treatment at the first sign of back pain in order to prevent symptoms from becoming worse.

How do chiropractors treat back pain?

Chiropractors are skilled in evaluating and treating pain involving the spine, nerves and surrounding soft tissues. As a leading Blue Springs chiropractic center, we offer an array of care options for back pain, including spinal adjustments to help relieve nerve impingements and irritation that can cause both local and radiating symptoms. Massage and acupressure can also help, depending on the symptoms and the underlying cause. Each treatment at our Blue Spring chiropractic center begins with a hands-on evaluation of your spine, often accompanied by digital X-rays to assess the extent of any injury. Once we determine the cause of pain and the best way to treat it, our Blue Spring chiropractic team will also help you learn corrective exercises to help prevent future injuries, and we can provide lifestyle guidance to help patients develop better habits designed to support good spine health.

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