Disc Disorders

Disc Disorders Treatment from Our Blue Springs Chiropractor

Back pain is among the most common reasons that bring people in to see chiropractors, and there are various causes of the pain. Among the biggest is disc disorders. When a patient comes into Tucker Chiropractic in Blue Springs, MO one of the first things our Blue Springs Chiropractor does is try to find the source of the ache. In many cases that pain is caused by the disc that is not correctly placed in the spine, which can cause pain and impede proper movement. disc disorders treatment from our blue springs chiropractor

Types of Disc Disorders Helped By Blue Springs Chiropractic Care

A spinal disc that has found its way into the wrong place may be referred to in many different ways. They are often called one of the following

Regardless of what they are called, very often one of the best ways to reduce the back ache that they bring is with Blue Springs chiropractic treatment.

What is a Spinal Disc?

Spinal discs exist in order to cushion the bones in the spine, which are stacked on one another. The act as shock absorbers as we go about our daily activities. The discs are made up of a soft inner portion and a sturdier outer ring. At times, the inner portion slips through that outer ring, and this is referred to as a pinched, slipped, bulging, or herniated disc. When the inner portion of the disc is in the wrong place, it caused the spinal nerves to compress causing pain in the back or neck. When this happens, chiropractors are often called upon to guide the disc back to where it belongs. Signs that a spinal disc is out of place include:

  • Pain and numbness on one side of the body
  • Pain worsened by certain movements
  • Pain made worse by walking short distances, or as you sit or stand
  • Unexplained muscle weakness
  • Burning, Tingling, or Aching sensations 

What Causes Disc Disorders?

People become vulnerable to disc disorders when the outer ring of the disc has become compromised, weakened, or torn. This can happen simply due to general wear and tear caused by the aging process, or the risk may be aggravated by activities such as heavy lifting or by being overweight.

Lumbar (Intervertebral) Disc Disease

Those with lumbar disc disease feel most of their pain in the lower back, and that pain can be traced back to a slipped or bulging disc caused by a specific injury. Often the associated pain begins at a lower intensity but becomes worse over time. At Tucker Chiropractic we assess each patient to determine the most likely cause of pain in order to treat it as effectively as possible.

Degenerative Disc Disease

In some cases, it is determined that spinal disc misplacement is caused by degenerative disc disease. It is more difficult to diagnose this than a slipped or herniated disc and diagnosis may require your Blue Springs chiropractor to use tools such as a bone scan, discography, or a myelogram, which involves an x-ray or CT scan of your spine to reveal any abnormalities.

Call us Today if You Are Seeking Blue Springs Chiropractic Treatment

If you are suffering from pain or numbness in your back it is possible that a disc disorder may be to blame, and Blue Springs chiropractic treatment may help you feel better. To find out what can be done to help contact Tucker Chiropractic at 816-228-8900 to schedule an appointment.

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