Sciatica Treatment from our Blue Springs Chiropractor

Back pain is a common problem that impacts many adults each year. When the pain impacts your lower back, it may relate to sciatica or a problem with your sciatic nerve. Our Blue Springs chiropractor in our clinic provides solutions to address and care for the symptoms you develop from sciatica.

sciatica treatment from our blue springs chiropractor

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is an ache or pain that occurs when you have an injury to the sciatic nerve or pressure on the nerve. It may relate to a variety of factors and causes, so addressing the symptoms starts with clarifying the reasons for your pain.

Chiropractors address the underlying discomfort by focusing on the cause of the problem. It may relate to poor posture, your lifestyle, workplace conditions, an injury or problems with the spinal discs in your back. By identifying the reason for your discomfort, we develop a plan to address the underlying factors.

Symptoms of Sciatic Nerve Pain

The symptoms of sciatic nerve pain and sciatica depend on the severity of the condition. In some situations, the discomfort will occur for a short time and then fade. In other situations, the pain worsens due to lifestyle factors or an injury to the area. By recognizing the common symptoms of the condition, chiropractors provide proper treatment and care for your situation.

Signs and symptoms of the condition include:

  • Lower back pain that radiates downward
  • Tingling in your lower back that radiates down your thighs
  • Radiating numbness from your lower back to your thighs
  • Weakness in a leg or foot

When the ache in your back persists, you want to seek treatment from a professional. While the symptoms may fade over time with adjustments to your lifestyle, the condition may also worsen from lifestyle factors, age, pregnancy or other situations. You want to address the situation when it persists and interferes with your lifestyle.

Treatment and Service from a Chiropractor in Blue Springs, MO

Treatment and service from our chiropractor in Blue Springs, MO for sciatica depend on your situation and the cause of your pain. Since it may relate to degenerative disc conditions, a bulging disc or even poor posture, a treatment plan focuses on clarifying the reason for your symptoms and then addressing the situation.

In our clinic, we use spinal adjustments to address disc conditions and problems with your posture that may contribute to the pressure on your nerves. The treatment reduces the amount of pressure on the area and helps alleviate the discomfort. We also use decompression therapy to reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve by addressing bulging discs and related problems. We also provide acupuncture treatments to help with pain management until your body heals. We may recommend stretches and exercises to help with lifestyle factors that contribute to your symptoms.

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Sciatica impacts your normal activities by limiting your mobility and preventing you from engaging in activities that use your back. When the ache, numbness or other symptoms persist for an extended period, you want to work with chiropractors to address the cause of your sciatica. To learn more about our sciatica treatments or for an appointment, call Tucker Chiropractic at 816-228-8900 today.

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