Whiplash Auto Accidents and Personal Injury

Your Blue Springs Chiropractor Treats Whiplash, Auto Accident, and Personal Injury Conditions

Even minor auto accidents can result in some significant medical problems, and one of the most common of those is whiplash. Fortunately, no matter what kind of injuries you’ve sustained or what other types of treatment you’ve received, your Blue Springs Chiropractor can help you reduce pain and regain normal function through a series of chiropractic treatments and services.

whiplash auto accidents and personal injury treatment from your chiropractor in blue springs

What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a term used to describe the injuries resulting from the rapid back-and-forth movement your head makes after a sudden impact. That can result in a variety of injuries including those to the soft tissues and discs in the neck. Some common symptoms of whiplash include a stiff neck, headaches, shoulder pain, and even obstructed vision in severe cases. These symptoms can take a day or two to develop, so even if you don’t feel any aches or pains right away, that doesn’t mean you haven’t sustained a whiplash injury that requires treatment.

Other Common Auto Accident Injuries

Of course, whiplash is just one type of injury that can result from an auto accident. Other common problems include cervical or lumbar radiculopathy, in which a nerve is irritated by a herniated disc or other injury and causes symptoms like pain, weakness, tingling or numbness. Disc injuries occur at a high rate as well, as do ligament injuries and dislocations. All of these can be treated by a chiropractor in Blue Springs, MO, and it’s important to seek chiropractic care for this type of injury even if you’ve previously been seen by a physician as well.

Personal Injury Treatment

Many work-related or other types of personal injuries involve the same kinds of problems as those caused by auto accidents, and that means your chiropractor can help with them as well. Whether you’re suffering from neck pain resulting from repetitive stress, or you injured your back in a slip-and-fall accident on the job, our professionals have the skills and experience to evaluate you thoroughly and treat all of your symptoms.

How Your Blue Springs Chiropractor Can Help

Regardless of the type of injury you’ve sustained or how long you’ve been suffering, we can help you start moving towards recovery. While pain medication can often help lessen severe symptoms in the short term, treating the underlying conditions causing the pain or ache is the only way to achieve the best possible outcome, and that’s exactly what your blue springs chiropractor does.

At Tucker Chiropractic, we utilize a variety of services and techniques including soft tissue manipulation, massage, acupressure and spinal adjustments to relieve your symptoms and prevent recurrence. We’ll begin each new evaluation with a thorough physical exam including digital x-rays so we can see exactly what’s causing your symptoms and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Our experts will also give you exercises and stretches to do at home if appropriate to help maintain your spinal health and keep you progressing on the road to recovery.

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